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Publication Ethics

The Legends Journal of European History Studies is an international peer-reviewed journal in which academic, scientific, and research articles are published. Our journal publishes articles that have not been published anywhere before. The authenticity of the related articles is checked through "".

Author Ethics

All persons involved in the scientific research and writing process should be cited as authors.

The author or authors should refrain from any approach or behavior that is not considered ethical. Authors are responsible for the content of the study.

Authors should provide citation information for their pictures, graphics, and tables. The citation without specifying the source leads to plagiarism.

Authors should comply with the citation system specified in the journal during the writing phase of the manuscript.

Unpublished or unpublished works should not be cited.

All or part of any work may not be published without permission or plagiarism.

The simultaneous submission of the study to journals is not considered ethical and unacceptable.

Referee Ethics

Judges; there should be experts in the fields addressed by the article.

They are obliged to make their criticisms objectively and clearly. They should not act by their interests and, if necessary, refuse to act as an arbitrator.

The texts should not be shared with third parties during the arbitration process.

It should not transfer information from the peer-review article for its work without any academic/personal interest.

The journal should also take into account the rules of scientific research and publication ethics.

Editorial Ethics

The editors are obliged to appoint at least two referees appropriate to the subject of the article.

Editors should ensure communication between the referees and the responsible author, taking into account the blind arbitration process.

Editors should maintain their relations transparently and objectively without discrimination between any authors and referees.

Editors should not use their position for their individual and academic interests.

Editors should also consider scientific research, publication, and peer-review ethics.

The Legends Journal of European History Studies
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