The Legends Journal of European History Studies

ISSN: 2718-0190

Aims and Scope

The journal aims to publish articles on numerous themes such as the development of Europe in the historical process, its social life, its artistic activities, and its contributions to science. Europe's relations with other civilizations is one of the main focuses of the journal. For this reason, the journal is composed of academics working in different countries. As a result, The Legends Journal of European History Studies is a truly international research venue that focuses on European history. The journal is managed with the following principles:
1. Each issue includes all academic subjects closely related to Eastern and Western Europe.
2. Articles can be published in Turkish, English, French, German, Italian, or Russian.
3. The journal is not time-specific. All centuries and periods can be studied from ancient to modern times.
4. The journal is open to all methodological and theoretical approaches to European history.
5. Since the journal contains a vast network of interests, it includes articles based on sources that interrogate these areas.
6. Articles may be theoretical, methodological, or comparative.
7. The journal aims to assist researchers by providing practical information on European history.
8. The journal is an electronic journal that is accessible to all researchers interested in this field, appealing to all European historians with international merit.

The Legends Journal of European History Studies
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